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Vital Vibez main priority is to promote an affordable
healthy lifestyle.

Vital Vibez will assist individuals with the 4 primary issues that affect many people (Pain, Anxiety, Depression & Weight Loss). We will offer top of the line herbal supplements. Vital Vibez will also offer free meditation classes to promote mental clarity, weight loss plans and meal prep option to assist individuals who struggle in those areas.

Our Solutions


There are a plethora herbal supplements/products available to help alleviate pain. Properly identify pain levels and monitor patient medication and herbal practices to provide the highest level of pain management care.


Daily mindful meditation practice can assist with anxiety/depression. Studies have shown that daily meditation 5-10 minutes daily can decrease over time. Provide individuals with the correct tools to help aid many forms of anxiety/depression.

Weight Loss Goals

Fasting, juicing, meal preps and certain herbal products are just a few ways to helps individuals lose weight. Everyone genetic makeup is different. Women are meant to bare children, underlying medical issues, fatigue and etc. Even with those factors there are ways to get around them and lose weight.

The Founder

My whole life the norm was all I knew, get an education, find a steady career, and plan to retire. What if that path isn’t for everyone, what about self-love, traveling, generational wealth, entrepreneurship, wellness or just taking a leap of faith. I want to surround myself with like minded individuals despite financial background, ethnicity, education or gender. The ultimate goal is to encourage and teach others about their well-being and make a difference not only in our neighborhoods, and communities, but the world. This may sound far fetched, but did anyone ever think what if it’s not. Life is difficult, worrying about rent, bills, food, family, job, the list goes on. What if you need a life coach, healthy food options, retreat, massage, babysitter at an affordable rate. This is what drives me, creating a wellness utopia where we focus on the individual, compassion, leadership and success stories that help you reach your full potential.


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